Highly available OpenStack-powered hosting to suit professionals & DevOps.

Security-focused, high performance, highly available bespoke hosting solutions.
Powered by XEN & KVM Hypervisors in two datacenters.

About us

NE-EX.IO Hosting is a hosting company that has a strong focus on customer-specific setup & configuration of services.

We do not over-commit any hypervisor, we always have spare capacity (~60% of all resources) to protect your services against outages.

Our OpenStack cloud is based in two datacenters at different geographical locations with multiple WAN/Internet connections.

Services like high-availability, monitoring, security updates for your servers comes all-inclusive.

We prefer to tailor your servers to your specific needs, but you are also free to manage your own servers and ask us for help if and when you need it.

We provide fully-managed and unmanaged hosting services;
from single virtual servers to clustered environments.

Some of our services include:

  • Load-balanced LAMP stack servers
  • Bespoke OpenStack IaaS & SaaS solutions, bare metal as a service
  • High-performance database hosting (MySQL, MariaDB, Percona, MongoDB, Redis, PostgreSQL and more)
  • Managed application hosting (GitLab as an example, ask us and most likely we will support it).
  • Managed e-mail with Exchange ActiveSync™ support (Mobile-, Desktop- & Web-based)
  • Off-site backup at 3 geographically different locations
  • Hands-on system configuration and optimization of your software stacks
  • Initial and continuous assessment of requirements inclusive in all hosting solutions

Backup, monitoring & proactive security maintenance comes included
in our managed solutions, as well as future requirements planning.

Multi-site HA environment and Infiniband low-latency storage.
We use low-wattage Intel Xeon® CPU's & RAM to minimize our and your carbon footprint.
- No overcomittment of resources: we always have 60% idle capacity to handle hardware failures.
And we provide public statistics to back up this claim.

Contact us

Feel free to contact us!
We are currently only taking on B2B customers on a per-case basis, until we launch our services to the public, which we plan to do Q2 2017.

If you are running an open-source project we will most likely host your project for free; start-ups also get discounts.

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